The False Successors of Master Kirpal Singh

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Sawan Ashram
Delhi (India)

                                                                                                                       May 3, 1984

My dear soul Wulfing,

...About your question on the catastrophe, my information inside cannot be wrong. It is to be there in whatever process it is planned by Him. To me it was informed that it is coming very shortly and this information was at the end of February, and then I acted and informed accordingly. But this word "coming shortly" cannot be made definite, as no real date was mentioned at that time. But as far as I feel, it should be up to the first half of the year, or the latest not beyond this year.We are talking about the catastrophe, but it is not something ordinary, it is really a very great drastic change in the physical, astral and causal plane. The situation is to be handed properly. As yet I am fighting very hard the negativity. After having sent back the foreigners I am much free to meditate inside for fighting this terrible war inside for longer times a day. I have also given up any touring in any part of India and also have avoid giving Satsang in Delhi city. Till all the devils have been con¬quered over, any catastrophe will very dangerous for all and of no use.
These devils had been working very strongly on my lower self including body and mind and also had been creating great disturbance in the Sangat in all part of the world. The women problem is also a result of temptation of these devils on my pure Self and in this respect they could succeed to some extent.
So many other kind of problems here in the Ashram and abroad have also been crea¬ted by them, and now even they are working much more strongly, as they have been able to create such like doubts and misbelief in the Sangat and especially in active workers. But all this is a temporary phase and I have already asked the people in my letter from April 10th, that the people should go on meditating sincerely, although they will feel all difficulties, problems and disappointments... No doubt, negativity is working very strongly, but Master Power is also keeping its service under these hard situations as best as possible and these hard situations will be blessing in disguise and will prove really the strong foundations for the future flourishing of fruits and all those who are suffering with me now in so many ways, in confusion, will have a sigh of relief and will be able to work for the Truth in all Glory and Peace successfully. That day is awaited, for which we are to work hard and patiently.
My sympathy and good wishes are there with you all, my dear ones.
With all love, yours fatherly
                                                                                                             Thakar Singh (signed)



From a letter of Thakar Singh to Wulfing Rohr of Munich, Germany