The False Successors of Master Kirpal Singh

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In 1984 Thakar Singh’s forecast for an impending universal catastrophe (or apocalypse) caused a great sensation; he was so sure about it that he wrote it in letters and stated it on television. During the same period he declared in a letter of his dated May 3, 1984, that he was victim of the Negative Power and of sexual problems. The letter of Wulfing Rohr below reveals this serious situation.


Wulfing Rohr
Zilerstrasse 11
Munich (Germany)

To Satsangis and seekers after Truth:

                                                                                                            Munich, may, 24 1984

Dear sisters and brothers in God,

with a heavy heart I have to inform you about some facts of truth, which conscience and responsibility for soul and God oblige to make public.
That man (Thakar Singh), to whom I looked up during the past 7 years as spiritual Master and “Guru”, has admitted that he is not above mind and matter, above “negativity” and mental temptations.
I cannot keep quiet truth, as others seem can. The details of the same you will find quoted in my letter to him; especially important is the literal quotation from himself concerning the “women problem” (p. 3).
New facts concerning unholy activities on the level of sexual contact as well as disappearance of Manav Kendra funds and donations by Satsangis have come in the meantime. (See also letter from Maria Neocleous to him).

My personal consequence is:
1) I withdraw totally from any and all Satsang activities whatsoever;
2) will not visit Satsang, where his words are displayed;
3) do not look upon him as "spiritual Master" or "Sant Sat Guru" in the line of Sant Kirpal Singh;
4) have requested him full report and refund of funds cashed in under use of “catastrophe”;
5) will continue sincerely with Light and Sound meditation and also Simran, as he is a Kirpal initiate and help and guidance is prayed for from Kirpal - until a truly spiritualy and morally clean and competent Master has been found, who is truly working in Kirpal's name and with His orders.
There is nothing to fear for us, when we always are directed to find out TRUTH. The absolute Godpower is there to help us and to guide us, as well as the grace and mercy of Sant Kirpal Singh and Hazur Sawan Singh, so that one day we may be blessed by finding a true living Master (as I hold the Sant Mat teachings to be true and valid). Everybody will have to make his or her own decision as to which course to follow. But it is my afflicting responsibility to inform you all about these facts and unsolvable contradictions. Please inform all other concerned Satsangis and seekers about the same that they may make also their own independent decision.
With the limited love in my disposition, your brother




Open letter of Wulfing Rohr on Thakar Singh's activity.