The False Successors of Master Kirpal Singh

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Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Fool No. 1 is Arran Stephens and fool No. 2 is Richard Handel. We refer to ourselves as fools to give a feeling of lightness to an otherwise heavy article and because we obviously are fools. Fool No. 1 was the first westerner to 'discover' Sant Ajaib Singh Ji in Rajasthan in September of 1974; and then to introduce his name to the western world via the medium of Satsang and Sat Sandesh as a possible spiritual successor to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. He also formerly served as one of Sant Ji's two representatives in North America. Fool No. 2 has the distinction of having spent more time physically with Sant Ji than most other westerners.
We have become convinced that Sant Ji has on numerous occasions, either consciously or unconsciously, lied to or misled each one of us. It is no longer possible for us in any way to look upon Sant Ji as our Master Kirpal's successor. We feel the numerous places in which Sant Ji directly contradicts our Master Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj who, we all agree, was a Perfect Master in every sense of the word, should not be ignored by those who have any interest in their own spiritual future.
Sant Ji told us he was intiated by the Master in 1967 in a separate room and also that the Master said he did not have to keep the diary. However, the members of Master's Rajasthan tour party we talked with emphatically deny Sant Ji's statements. They said Sant Ji was initiated in 1970, although he did first meet with the Master in 1967. At Sant Ji'sinitiation at Ganganagar he was not initiated in a separate room. After initiation Sant Ji was also given the diary form along with all others present and explained its importance. The members of Master's Rajasthan tour party also deny that Sant Ji ever initiated anyone in the Master's presence.
Sant Ji ha detto anche che, poiché era unito a Beas a motivo della sua associazione con Baba Sawan Singh e in virtù dell’onestà di Charan Singh,(1) A friend wrote fool No. 1 a long letter upon his return from his first visit with Sant Ajaib Singh in 1976, wherein Sant Ji was quoted as saying, "The inner Master told Arran that His successor would be a bachelor." This was a shock to fool No. 1, especially since Master had never told him anything from within as to who would succeed Him.
Sant Ji told us at a public satsang given at Potter Valley (see Sant Bani magazine March 78issue) that there had been women saints who initiated and were Satgurus. This is in direct contradiction to a statement made by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji in Spiritual Elixir, Volume I, page 33:
“Question: 'Why do the Great Masters on earth always take the form of men?'
Answer: 'The Masters claim that there is only one male gender amongst the souls and He generally manifests on the chosen human pole of the Living Master. It is a divine law which cannot be questioned by man.'”
In Colorado, Sant Ji declared in one satsang that Baba Jaimal Singh was illiterate and couldn't even sign His own name in Punjabi. This statement was in contrast to what Master wrote about Baba Jaimal Singh. Baba Ji was a great scholar of both Guru Granth Sahib and Vedanta. Photocopies of letters in Baba Ji's own handwriting are available.
Also the total amount of time we calculated Sant Jì was with the Master came to parts of 10 days.
Master told us simran should not be done mechanically. He told us to repeat the five charged names very slowly, maybe at intervals, so that the inner gaze is not disturbed. Master also told us on many different occasions not to do simran while doing bhajan. You may judge for yourself if Sant Ji's instructions and advice on meditation are similar to Master Kirpal's. (Ajaib's instructions were to repeat simran very fast and also during the meditation on bhajan (sound).) (2)
As fully incompetent fools, we hope we have said what had to be said in as brief, painless and loving a way as possible. Our purpose has not been to slander, but to report what we have discovered for your calm consideration. Hopefully, with Master's grace, something positive will come out of this basically negative and unpleasant article, and our attention will be redirected to the highest possible place. In this statement we mentioned only some of the questions we asked ourselves and some of the inconsistencies which we found.
If anyone requires substantiation of any of the statements made by persons whom we interviewed, photocopies of their original letters and statements can be made available from fool No. 1.
In the Name of our Beloved Satguru Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj,

Arran Stephens                                                       Richard Handel
14080 Trites Rd.                                                      Box 602 Rockport
Surrey, Canada                                                       Massachusetts, U.S.A.

(The letter digresses also about a Kirpal's coded manuscript, which would be known and read only by the new Master, but which in fact - the letter says - is known "to a number of people.")

(1) Charan Singh, grand son of Sawan, was leader of the Colony of Beas.
(2) Only after the publication of this “declaration” Ajaib changed his teaching of meditation on the sound.



Excerpts from a statement in which Arran Stephens, the "discoverer" of Ajaib Singh (Sant Ji) as a Guru, explains the several serious reasons why he leaves him.