The False Successors of Master Kirpal Singh

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Thessaloniki (Greece), 13 July 2012

I was present at a conference of the Indian Guru who presents himself as His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh. The conference was held in Thessaloniki in the afternoon of 14 June 2012, in the Hall of the Grand Hotel Palace. Initiation was afterwards. After the talk, translated into Greek, I joined those who wanted to receive from the Guru initiation into Sant Mat. We were given the instructions for initiation and a mantra of five words and we sat down in meditation.
I did not receive any experience of spiritual light or sound and the same thing happened to my other friends present at the initiation. I would have liked to express this fact, but Guru Rajinder did not ask anything about what we saw or heard. (1)
Contrary to what I read in the books of Sant Mat by Master Sant Kirpal Singh, we did not receive any experiences, and we abandoned all contacts with the school of Rajinder Singh.

                                                                               Nikos Dedes – Thessaloniki (Greece)


Milan (Italy), 30 September 2012

I read on Internet the letter of Nikos Dedes from Thessaloniki and I have to say that I had an experience like his. In the afternoon of Sunday 17 June 2012 I went to listen to a conference of the Indian Guru Rajinder Singh, who presents himself as the successor of Darshan and is the nephew of Master Kirpal Singh. The conference was held in a large hall of the Atahotel Quark, in the southern area of Milan. After the conference an initiation was scheduled.
The talk of the Guru was translated for the large audience present. At the end of the talk, those who were interested were invited to stay to receive the instructions for initiation. Out of the great audience only a few dozen people remained. I decided to stay too, even though I had not averted any particular attraction to Guru Rajinder Singh.
After the instructions for initiation were imparted, we were given a mantra of five names to repeat during meditation. Then we received the instructions for practicing meditation, and everyone present meditated on the vision of the light and listening to the sound. I must say I saw no light and heard no sound during the two practices. In any event, Guru Rajinder did not ask anything about what we saw and heard, and that was the end. We were given a form to fill out, on which to write the experiences received. Not having seen or heard anything I did not fill it out. (1)
We were even given a note that invited us to join the little group in Milan of Rajinder for their reunions, and a note with the five names. After the disappointing results of that sitting, I never went to those reunions, and my friends did likewise, who also never saw or heard anything. After such disappointing results, I believe very few or no one of the new “initiates” went.

                                                                                 Sergio Biavati – Milan (Italy)


Notes for the two letters.

(1) At the end of every initiation sitting the Great Master Sant Kirpal Singh asked all the new initiates out loud what they had seen and heard, and if they had not seen or heard anything, He immediately gave them a second sitting and an experience aside. Instead, Guru Rajinder did not do all this, because the ability to impart spiritual experiences is not part of his expertise.
In the book Spiritual Elixir of Kirpal Singh (Chapter, “Guru, His need and functions”), we find: Question. There are many self-styled masters. How may one know a True Master? Answer. His true qualification will lie in His ability to give the initiate some first-hand experience by opening the inner eye to see the Light of God and inner ear to hear the Voice of God, the Sound Principle.